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Understanding Cannabis in California

Now that it’s legalized in The Golden State, here’s what you should know to stay safe.

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Experience the Difference

Product Quick Start Guide

With so much to choose from here’s a brief rundown of what’s what to help point you in the right direction.

Loose Flower

The most popular form of cannabis, usually consumed by smoking. It is usually smoked in rolled paper (A.k.a, a “joint”), out of a pipe or a bong.

Packaged and Pre-Roll

In California, loose flower is prepackaged according to its weight. Pre-rolls are loose flower that have been professionally rolled and is ready to smoke.


Edibles are cannabis infused products that are consumed orally. They tend to have stronger, longer lasting effects than marijuana that has been smoked.

Vape Products and Accessories

Vaping allows you to inhale the cannabis without smoking, exhaling only vapor (not smoke) which generally has very little detectable smell.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is said to work as well as prescription pain relieving drugs, but without the harmful side effects.


The marijuana concentrate is any type of cannabis product that is refined from flowers into more purified and potent forms such as “shatter” or “wax”.

What Our Customers Say

  Some of our latest WeedMaps reviews


My boyfriend and I have never been in a dispensary, and we’re very nervous walking in. The staff here is super friendly and made us comfortable. From the moment we walked in they created such a chill vibe and really helped us find exactly what we were looking for. They are fairly new, but I highly recommend you guys try this place!


The staff here are very friendly and genuine. I always feel anxious when I visit some of the new clubs and all of the people I encountered at SugarLeaf Trading Co. were warm and comforting. The flower I purchased is excellent. Definitely above average for the area.


it was an awesome experience went last night super laid back definitely going be a returning customer keep it up guys

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